There is no nonsense like a universe full
of sense that doesn't make sense.
We have not really met God if we
haven't felt the urge to flee from him.
Laughing at oneself is a serious matter.
Initiative is to man what creation is to God.
Nothing can lead us to God if we don't want to go to him.
Everything can lead us to God if we want to go to him.
We love men only until we meet one.
The freedom that is not surrendered is enslaving.
What we have in excess is not ours.
Children find happiness without even looking for it;
adults look for it without ever finding it.
None of your worries should be yours.
No worry should not be yours.
We need to forget ourselves, not about ourselves.
Do as you speak; speak as you think; think well.
Practice would make preaching unnecessary.
Nothing is more important than what you are doing,
even if it's not the most important thing you can do.
It is possible to love and not be wise, but it's
impossible to be wise and not love.
The relationship between persons can
only be possession or donation.
We don't need to love to love to love.
The perfect man doesn't mind being imperfect.
— Sense Nonsense

Sense Nonsense makes readers re-consider their most basic categories for understanding the human condition, behavior, and destiny. Most people think as if on a treadmill (or hamster wheel) and move from unexamined assumptions to inevitable conclusions without every asking why -- without ever knowing how to ask.

Author Francisco J. Garcia-Julve asks the questions and proposes exhilarating approaches to new answers. Like Blaise Pascal, he packs his ideas into paradoxical statements that provoke a reconsideration -- and re-valuation -- of even the most ordinary things. Like Pascal's, his thoughts run contrary to common wisdom, but in the right direction.

It's a book for a culture whose standard ideas have proven so dismally wrong in practice. It's a book whose time is now.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
— George Orwell

About the Author

Francisco J. Garcia-Julve is a polymath who has enjoyed careers in physics, psychology, and linguistics. He is affiliated with the Transcendental Anthropology Project launched by the Spanish Seminario de Antropologia Gerardo Gonzalez. He lives in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Garcia-Julve blogs about philosophy at